Combisets from Miele for modular cooking

[KBIS 2008 Preview]
New stylish Miele modular cooktops and combiset hobs will be introduced in fall 2008, providing flexibility and performance to satisfy all you cooking needs.
Japanese teppanyaki has a heated high-quality stainless steel surface and yields unmatched sauteing results because of its intensive contact heat that seals in the juices. The teppanyaki is equipped with two separate heating circuits which can warm vegetables on the rear, while simultaneously searing fine fillets on the front. The distance between the base and heating element can be adjusted infinitely within a fixed range.
Retractable working area is lowered by the knob when is not needed, leaving only its elegant, virtually inconspicuous stainless steel cover and the controls, The 14.5″ wide CS 1421 S Miele teppanyaki has maximum power of 1.80 kW and 12 performance levels.
This 2.30 kW mobile teppan grill consists of a multiplex wood plate with a 9 mm thick stainless steel surface and stainless steel box, and light yet stable frame on wheels. The 40 cm heated plate is excellent for barbecuing, roasting and braising.
Previously, modular cooking with Wolf cooktops, Gaggenau modular cooktops and Oranier domino cooktops.