Izona by Fisher & Paykel

Fisher & Paykel brings you the kitchen of tomorrow today. Izona line includes VentSurface, CookSurface and CoolDrawer – exclusively designed appliances that incorporate the latest technology and instantly transform your kitchen into major attraction. In fact, Izona line is so technologically advanced, you will have to demonstrate its workings to family and friends over and over again.
The revolutionary Izona VentSurface features a unique intuitive steam sensor. Once set to Automatic, this intelligent vent hood is always sensing for smoke, vapour or steam, and can be automated to switch on when you start cooking to capture and eliminate smoke, steam and lingering cooking odours. The system is much quieter and more efficient than traditional hoods, and due to unique design, it develops increased extraction at the very edge of the surface to remove odours and vapours faster. Six powerful fan speeds automatically adjust to deal with every imaginable cooking vapour. An intelligent alert feature indicates when your filter needs cleaning. Advanced perimeter extraction technology creates a high velocity vacuum, drawing vapours and odours in very effectively over a wider area.
The soft touch buttons give you total control of the unique technology inside. The sheer reflective black glass finish, makes greasy, unsightly filter traps a thing of the past. This vary stylish Izona VentSurface is designed to match the Izona CookSurface, the revolutionary new ‘gas-through-glass’ cooking technology.
The Izona CookSurface allows your culinary creativity to flourish at a whole new level, combining the superior performance of gas cooking with the convenience of an easy-clean ceramic cooktop. Clearly resembling Luna cooktop by the black reflective glass top and streamline ergonomic design, the CookSurface incorporates three sets of hidden pan supports for different sizes of pans within the ceramic surface. When not in use, the burners sit virtually flush with the sheer ceramic surface, giving you large and easy-to-clean work surface.
Fisher & Paykel equips Izona CookSurface with new gas technology which delivers more cooking options due to greater temperature range and enhanced flame control, plus very rapid heating and efficiency. When you are ready to cook, the Izona CookSurface raises integrated pan supports and burners from the ceramic surface at the push of a button. The control dial ignites a flame automatically by glow ignition and regulates flame intensity. The patented Aero burners are very efficient and ensure even heat distribution on high and low settings. And the CookSurface is quite safe with Parental lock and automatic gas shut-off.
The Izona CoolDrawer gives you many choices. A the touch of a button you select from five temperature zones, setting the temperature to Freezer, Chill, Fridge, Pantry or Wine, and storing everything from fresh food to frozen goods to fine wine at the correct temperature. An excellent companion to you full size refrigerator, the world first multi-temperature fridge drawer provides optimal temperature zones to keep food fresher for longer. Based on the design principles of the famous Fisher & Paykel DishDrawer, the very ergonomic CoolDrawer incorporates fully extendable pull out runners for maximum access right to the back of the drawer, the transparent containers to allow all foods to be seen at a glance and a user-friendly, one-touch control panel.
Adjustable internal storage space allows to store bulky items with smaller ones in the one drawer. Multi-temperature CoolDrawer will not only compliment your full-size fridge, but also enhance your kitchen design to suit your lifestyle. You can customise fit and finish options to your taste. Available in stainless, iridium and with integrated custom panel. Currently, full Izona line is available in New Zealand and Australia. Luna cooktop is available in US and Europe. Fisher & Paykel.