New Brew Express coffee system for 2008 and beyond

[KBIS 2008 Review]
The original Brew Express – the first built-in-wall 12-cup coffee maker introduced to the world by Lance Larkin in 2005, was good. Two weeks ago at KBIS 2008, the self-serving Brew Express, available in two new sizes, and with new and improved design and features, was voted as the Best New Kitchen Product of 2008. New 4-cup model is custom tailored for smaller and mobile places, like master bathrooms, hotel rooms, yachts and RVs – a brilliant idea the more I think of it. And new 10-cup model with similar design to the 4-cup, fits into the same housing as the original 12-cup model. New for 2008 models are a convenient lock device that holds the carafe in place when installed in yachts and RVs, single-cup setting for hotel rooms, wide variety of finishes and colors customizable to kitchen decor including granites, metals and woodwork, and soft blue background lighting controlled by On/Off switch. A new feature called Brew Trak ensures consistent brewing temperature regardless of incoming water temperature or voltage variation. Pause-N-Brew sensor shuts off Brew Express if carafe is removed for more than 5 minutes. Generally, design and aesthetics have been improved very considerably. Of course, Lance Larkin kept all the original features that made Brew Express instant hit, in place. You still find this coffee maker is quite easy to install for an average person, and its thermal carafe maintains perfect temperature and excellent coffee quality. And Carafe doesn’t get hot, so both, your fingers and countertops are safe. Easily connects to cold water line or bottled-water source, and comes with installation video which you can also view online, manual, and top rated customer support. Base retail price for the 4-cup model starts at $289 for basic units and $329 for premium units. Lance-Larkin Brew Express.

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