New colours for Lec cooling line

Lec, has added two new colour additions to its existing line-up of ‘A+’ rated cooling and freezing appliances. To offer a wider range of style options to consumers, Lec has made a number of its 50 and 55cm under counter and combi cooling appliances available in stylish black or brushed-effect silver.

Three of Lec bestselling 55cm under counter refrigerators are now available in the new finishes, including the neat but spacious L5511 under counter larder, the U5511 under counter freezer and the R5511 under counter refrigerator. The colours have also been applied to the compact T50082 50cm wide under counter top mount and the T5039, a neat 50cm combi offering impressive capacity for its petite size. The 90 litre fridge has 3 shelves and a spacious freezer with two compartments offer 45 litres of freezing capacity.
Two of Lec popular 55cm frost free combis are also available in the new colour offering. The well designed TF55142 has a net cooling capacity of 122 litres, a freezing capacity of 62 litres and plenty of indoor storage for its 1.4m x 55cm frame. The taller TF5517, at 1.7m x 55cm, has all the same features but with additional capacity for the larger family. Lec complete range of ‘A+’ rated products is backed by the Energy Saving Trust.
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