OTTO coffee maker and its induction cooktop

You can now buy OTTO 240 volt, specifically developed induction cooktop for AU$195. The 110 volt US version will be available somewhere in the middle of 2013. The US customers can buy the OTTO espresso maker now and use gas while waiting for the induction hob. The shipping to the USA is AU$155. OTTO itself sells for AU$800.
The best position for a gas flame is within 1.25″ radius of the OTTO center. Focusing heat as close to the center of the boiler as possible delivers the best results.

OTTO brewing system is completely sealed and is independent of the body, with steam and water passing freely between the body and brewing system, and occasionally exiting between the head, boiler and body. It is normal for water to pass between the body and the boiler at OTTO base. This is avoidable by filling the boiler accurately.
All the vital internal components of OTTO coffee maker as well as the body and coffee jug are made of stainless steel, save its steam assembly which is a precisely machined brass.
Other key features of OTTO induction cooktop are,
– a built in alert, sounding at the start of the extraction
– touchscreen controls
– an automatic power cut out
– 5 independent heat settings, ideal for suitable kettles and cookware
– small A4 page sized footprint
You can buy OTTO induction hob here. The shipping rates are here. And here is the OTTO itself.

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