Miele Design Worlds harmonise with various interior designs and kitchen trends

Open-plan kitchens are a major trend, increasingly merging with dining and living areas. This insight is the result of a study which Miele conducted together with the architects Graft and Associates. The disappearance of walls between areas of the home poses specific challenges to built-in appliances – in order to blend in, appliances must perfectly combine form and function. That this is possible is shown quite vividly by the Miele Design Worlds of Ice, Titanium, Stainless Steel, Brilliant White Plus and Black.
The key to integration with furniture is that the fronts of Miele appliances are flush with cabinetry surfaces and that gaps are reduced to a minimum. You can select materials and colours from Miele Design Worlds to find a range which best fits your style of interior design – deciding whether to accentuate appliances or have them blend in inconspicuously.

The characteristic trait of the Ice series is its cool appeal. With a material mix comprising aluminium, silver rear-printed glass and chrome, appliances accentuate the cool, purist design of a kitchen. An embossed chromium logo on the appliance underlines this aura of quality and value.

Built-in appliances from the Titanium Design World feature matt surfaces in graphite grey. The unassuming elegance of these surfaces harmonises perfectly with a wide range of kitchen styles and colours in a most playful way. To ensure that machine fronts are a match for the rough and tumble of kitchen life, finishes on the Ice and Titanium Design Worlds are case-hardened and sealed. This special production process makes surface finishes impervious to fingerprints and able to withstand domestic detergents and food residues.

Brilliant White Plus
White represents a major trend in both kitchens and living rooms. And this lighter appeal is not just a passing fad. This trend is met by Miele Brilliant White Plus Design World. Characteristic of this model series is an increase in the proportion of white on individual models. On the new oven doors, for instance, more white has been added in the form of a dot pattern on the viewing screen. The solid metal handles on this series are chrome-plated.

Stainless Steel
Stainless steel appliances remain the classics and account for the lion’s share of sales. This resilient, glossy material also undergoes a finishing process at Miele. CleanSteel is a special surface treatment process which means that fingerprints do not stand a chance. There is no need for special cleaning fluids and soiling can be simply removed with a damp cloth.

The jet black Design World is an expression of cool understatement. Black fronted models are in big demand where a contrast to the colour of cabinetry is needed. On models from the black and brilliant white series, fascias are made from hardened glass, back-printed in the appropriate colour.
Some design principles apply to all Design Worlds,
– accentuation of the horizontal axis is characteristic of the design of all Miele kitchen appliances
– striking details, such as the controls and a wide metal handle, are centred
– each Miele Design World allows entire kitchen consignments to be put together
– appliances are ovens, compact ovens, steam cookers, coffee makers, cooker hoods, food warmers and dishwashers