New redesigned Siemens liftMatic oven

Siemens redesigned its famous liftMatic oven adding new features and giving it a face lift to match with the current line of Siemens built-in appliances. The oven now is available with stainless steel / black glass panel and has the award-winning control light control system. And its auto lift function is easier to use and smoother than ever.
The intuitive control with the central, retractable rotary button and the push buttons arranged in logical order will quickly deliver exactly what you want. The blue key light indicates active functions while the graphic display simultaneously shows a plain, black on white text.

Features include automatic self-cleaning, cookControl with 34 cooking programs, precise temperature control in 30°C to 300°С range, child lock, interior light and 11 cooking modes including defrosting, top and bottom heat, hydro baking, bottom heat, 3D hot air, convection grill, grill, pizza, pre-heating and keep warm. Price is approximately 3,000 €. See previous version of Siemens liftMatic.