Ora-Ïto Carbon Collection from Gorenje

[Eurocucina 2010 Review]
During Milan Design Week, Gorenje joined other globally renowned brands at an exclusive exhibition of the French designer Ora Ïto. The exhibition unveiled his most recent creations in elegant black, a result of cooperation with top brands such as Steiner, Guerlain, Christofle, Altro-Supergrif, Stepevi, Laguiole, and of course Gorenje. The prototype Gorenje Ora-Ïto Carbon Collection is a successor to two top-selling collections in white and black created in cooperation with this world-famous designer. A special feature of the new collection is the door and front sides made of matte black glass, and a carbon fibre handle, the collection hallmark that endows it with a sense of trendy urban style. The collection includes a fridge freezer, an induction hob, an oven with advanced electronic DirecTouch control, and a kitchen hood. The extensive exhibition showcases Ora-Ïto crossdisciplinary work and collaboration with numerous prestigious brands was set up at the Magna Pars exhibition centre on the famous Via Tortona in downtown Milan. Through this collaboration, know-how and vision are merged to form a diverse collection of products that represent his cohesive minimalistic view of the world. Each product is a story itself, yet presented together, they reveal a tale of a young designer and his extraordinary relationship with major luxury brands. Gorenje.

Gorenje Ora-Ito in white
Gorenje Ora-Ito kitchen collection