Whirlpool gas cooktops with Ixelium steel surfaces

Available in 90cm, 75cm and 60cm wide models, the new Ixelium steel Whirlpool gas cooktops will keep their good looks forever while making abrasions and scratches from cleaning a thing of the past. Ixelium is a new and revolutionary steel, fruit of the application of nanotechnology, which is extremely easy to clean. It also makes cooking surfaces more brilliant and resistant, immune to the signs of everyday use, for the satisfaction of those who live in the kitchen every day.

These Whirlpool gas cooktops were designed with the goal to meet and exceed the evolving needs of modern consumers. Indeed, the difficulty of cleaning the stoves, ovens and cooktops is one of the main considerations at the time of purchase and the activity that requires more time in the kitchen, especially in Italy where the gas hobs are widely used. It is also one of the main reasons consumers are getting quickly dissatisfied with their appliances.
Ixelium steel surface is resistant to chemical and mechanical abuse and will keep original quality and the natural shine forever. Above all, it is extremely easy to clean. Whirlpool conducted several tests to quantify Ixelium resistance, including against corrosion, high temperature and scratching.
Corrosion resistance test
In a test chamber with humid environment and very high concentration of saline, resistance to corrosion was 6 times greater than that of a traditional stainless steel.
Resistance to high temperatures
Exposed to 315°C heat for one hour, Ixelium proved to be 6 times more resistant to yellowing compared to a conventional stainless steel.
Test scratch resistance
Subjected to pencil scratch with hardness increasing from 5B to 9H, this remarkable steel showed a scratch resistance 15 times higher than a traditional stainless steel.
Whirlpool gas cooktop made with Ixelium steel are guaranteed by Whirlpool for 10 years against yellowing and corrosion.
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