Outdoor grill and oven trend – best grills for 2007

Appliancist presents outdoor grill and oven trend. We picked some of the best grills available. Proper grilling and baking are some of the best healthy eating and cooking alternatives. As you notice we also emphasize grills and ovens that don’t take much space and, at the very least, are easy to move around. The overall design was also considered.
Kamado decorative grill
For those outdoor grill lovers, who wants something quite exquisite and rare, Kamado decorative grill is a must. Kamado grills are available in 5 standards and many custom colors, and are custom made for you. These very original ceramic barbecue grills can serve as smoker, grill, or oven, and gives you the best taste of the grilled food whether you use it as charcoal grill, a gas grill, or a combination of both. Now Kamado decorative grills are available in Europe as well.

Eva Solo Barrel gas grill
Made from stainless steel, the Eva Solo Barrel gas grill hides the gas barrel inside the grill. The three burners that can be turned on separately, zone by zone allowing for a great variety in temperature and grill options and making cooking easy and healthy. The sleek Danish design makes this grill a nice decorative piece as well. When not grilling, the flat protective lid will turn the grill into a patio table. The price is £950.

Del Mar Magma grill
Del Mar Magma gas barbecue grill is perfectly sized for a downtown balcony or small suburban patio. This grill won’t ruin the view either. Designed for expensive luxury yachts, Del Mar Magma is tough, sleek looking, mirror polished, high quality stainless steel barbecue grill, with pop-out single-knob temperature control, Piezo lighting system and patented double-hinged lid. The price is around $400.

Apollo charcoal grill from Napoleon Grills
The Napoleon Grills Apollo charcoal grill is perfect for searing and roasting. Perfectly packaged into slim futuristic shape, this outdoor grill has bottom air-feed FastStart system that requires no lighter fluid. Convenient and stylish ergonomic handle, pedestal and base are made from all-weather galvanized steel. Apollo is also available in cart model. The grill price is about $220.

Fuego designer grills
Fuego designer grills, Fuego 01 and Fuego 02 redefine the outdoor grilling. Both grills were designed for urban dwellers, and the smaller, Fuego 02 will fit almost anywhere. Sharp and modern looking stainless steel exterior, several sliding drawers, sealed dual control knobs, retractable lid and unique modular accessory system with geometric slots cut into stainless steel to stick your optional accessories, make these designer grills very appealing.

Cook-n-Dine flameless cooking stainless steel table-grill
Cook-n-Dine flameless cooking stainless steel table-grill works as grill and table, so you don’t have to use pans, pots or separate grills. The center of Cook-n-Dine table makes a shallow cooking pit and heats up to 430ºF. The rest of this grill-table is cold. These freestanding teppanyaki tables are made-to-order and range between $5,250 and $9,995 USD. Custom solutions are possible.

Masonry barbecues – the outdoor stone charcoal barbecues
These masonry outdoor stone charcoal barbecues are available in several models, configurations and stone colors, and provide authentic charcoal cooking. Simple to put together, with all the parts glued and no mortar or paint is required for assembly. All the Masonry barbecue outdoor ranges come with adhesive, ash boxes, a cast iron grid and stainless steel adjustable grill and can be fired with either charcoal or wood.

Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet Outdoor Artisan Pizza Oven
You can make authentic Italian pizza and bread in your own backyard. Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet Outdoor Artisan Pizza Oven is created after the genuine stone-lined ovens with arched roofs that you can see all over Italy. The stone provides superior heat transfer and the low, arched top reflects radiant heat back to the pizza for even baking from both the top and bottom.
Kalamazoo added some modern day features into this classic design. This pizza oven is hand built entirely of stainless steel, with a double-wall insulation. The baking surface is lined with a professional composite baking stone with heat transfer quality that exceeds that of natural stone. The 30,000 BTU stainless steel gas burner and the integrated wood-chip drawer will cook marvelous wood-fired pizza. The price is $3,990.

Sculpture Gas Grill from Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet
This Sculpture Gas Grill has a wavy surface that blends design, art and function together in one capable grill. Each Sculpture Gas Grill is hand-made and personally signed by in-house metal artist. You can personalize your grill surface even farther with artwork of your choice. This stainless steel gourmet grill has two independently controlled cast stainless steel Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet Dragon Burners, each 25,000 BTU, with a 24″x18″ grill surface. The price is $6,495.

Cal Flame Smart barbecue grill
Cal Flame Smart grill has no knobs or valves to twist or turn. Instead, the sleek, touch-panel interface made up entirely of digital controls, does all the work with a computer. The Smart Grill has clean, modern look with the automated grilling process. The on/off switch, temperature gauge, timers, convection controls and lighting are completely digital, making it simple and safe to use. Cal Flame introduces unique safety features including
electronic shut-off valves which shut off grill, if unused for an hour, eight-second time-out which shuts the grill If any button is pressed for more than eight seconds at a time, and the “No Flame” shutoff which shuts the Smart grill in the event of a misfire or no fire. The price is $3,000. Cal Spas.
Out-standing EXCLUSIVE cart barbeque
Out-standing EXCLUSIVE cart barbeque is completely made of stainless steel. Available in both gas and solid fuel. Gas version is available with either gas barbeque or gas hobs. Out-standing EXCLUSIVE cart has a clean contemporary design with practical features such as multiple storage shelves and a sink for cleaning of food and utensils. The price starts at £2,072.

Leiro Star patio barbeque grill
The Leiro Star patio barbeque combines a clean modern design with highly practical features which include all high-grade stainless steel construction, unique hand winding mechanism to control cooking height, refractive bricks to optimise and maintain cooking heat and ash collection tray. Both charcoal or wood can be used. The price for this patio barbeque grill is £800.

Indian charcoal fired Tandoori oven
Indian cuisine is becoming quite popular, and this traditional charcoal fired Tandoori oven will help you to cook authentic Indian dishes in the comfort of your backyard or patio. The tandoori oven is made from stainless steel with a carefully crafted finest quality clay pot in the centre, using traditional natural materials which have been used for centuries in the making of clay oven pots. The charcoal fired oven can cook up to 12 skewers at a time including tandoori chicken, naan, tandoori lamb or standard kebabs. The price is £285.

Viking charcoal ceramic cooking capsule
Viking charcoal ceramic cooking capsule comes with Precision temperature control and Elliptical Airflow for your perfect grilling, searing, and smoking of pretty much anything that you can marinate. The ceramic interior provides maximum heat retention for faster cooking times. Easy to clean.