Appliances for healthy eating – cooking healthy gourmet foods

Cooking healthy gourmet foods has never been easy. To meet the ever growing demand for appliances that help maintain healthy eating diets, manufacturers now offer a large variety of cookers, ovens, steamers and more exotic appliances. Generally you can put most of the healthy cooking and eating tips in the following several categories:
– eat complex carbohydrates, healthy fats, and all kinds of protein
– cook healthy without destroying important vitamins and nutrients
– grill and roast rather than fry
– steam rather than boil
– bake rather than microwave
– drink tea, freshly squeezed juice and red wine
Here are several appliances that will help you follow the healthy recipes from any cuisine and with every meal course.
KitchenaAid Gourmet slow cooker
This KitchenAid gourmet slow cooker allows you cook low fat and low sodium healthy dishes without sacrificing the taste. The slow cooker also gives your entire family the flexibility to eat healthy at different times.
Oil-free cooking
Designed for flexible and oil-free cooking in the home of the future, this Electrolux organic cooker is a table top appliance that combines infrared technology and vacuum cooking to help create healthy meals within a fraction of their traditional cooking time. Shaped like a bowl with a lid, the Organic Cook allows you to cook food oil-free at your table or whatever surface you like, while offering oil-free frying, grilling and boiling options. It uses high-efficiency radiant energy that sends high frequency electromagnetic waves from the invisible end of the light spectrum.
Countertop steam oven – gourmet steam cooking
Sharp steam oven has a wide range of cooking options. You can roast, grill, steam, warm and defrost virtually any meal. This oven cooks with a superheated steam condensing and melting fats in meats and poultry, while keeping food flavor at its best. The very healthy way countertop steam cooking.
Fisher and Paykel Galaxy range cooker
Fisher and Paykel Galaxy range cooker comes with electric barbecue grill plate, a wok burner and a large skillet, so you have several healthy cooking choices. Plus the multipurpose glass tray made from toughened glass to withstand high temperatures is perfect for roasting and grilling.
Baumatic Americana range cookers – for all healthy foods
This range cooker gives you truly excellent ability to to cook healthy and enjoy gourmet food. Americana is equipped with wok, fish kettle, rotisserie, griddle, so you can really experiment with unlimited varieties of healthy foods.
Wolf range – healthy cooking in small package
Even if your kitchen is small, you still can keep cooking and eating healthy foods with such versatile and powerful Wolf range. Eight cooking modes packed in this ultimate space saver, include baking, roasting, broiling, convection baking, convection roasting, convection broiling, convection and bake stoning should be enough for any healthy recipe.
Neff Slide & Hide steam oven
Dedicated steam ovens are costly but they, provide excellent ways for healthy steaming. Neff Slide & Hide steam oven is not just superbly convenient built-in steamer. This oven is made as the healthy cooking appliance, featuring 14 different cooking modes, allowing you to co cook delicious and healthy food quickly and comfortably.
Küppersbusch steam oven
The Küppersbusch steam oven combination of high temperature and higher humidity helps to hold all juices and flavours inside of your fish, chicken or meatloaf, while reducing fats and sodium. Steam your food to perfection.
Healthy indoor grilling
Healthy grilling in your kitchen is quite easy with the Delonghi healthy indoor grill. The grill gives you an ability to grill fast and healthy meals, combining contact and radiant heat to deliver delicious low-fat healthy food.
Teppan Yaki – healthy grilling from Japan
Inspired by Teppan Yaki, the Japanese method of cooking on a solid plate, the “hot plate” offers a multitude of healthy grilling. Only a little oil is needed and food retains its full flavour. The intensive heat provided by the uniform cooking surface, makes food preparation fast and healthy.