Quadra Modular from ILVE – modular kitchen appliances

[KBIS 2007 Reviews]
The new modular kitchen appliances by ILVE, the Quadra Modular Series, offer stunning possibilities for your kitchen. These beautifully crafted from commercial stainless steel freestanding designer appliances are the latest trend in integrated modular kitchen design. The cooktops, sinks, ovens, cooking ranges and dishwashers can be grouped together in one module and combined with traditional kitchen cabinets, offering an unparalleled flexibility and performance sought by today most demanding chefs.
The Quadra Modular 1006 MP seamlessly integrates the 100cm, 6 burner range cooker with multifunction oven and high performance vent hood, creating a high end modular kitchen appliance, which is certain to become the center piece of your kitchen and make you feel good every time you cook.

The F-69 and FA-69 are modular columns measuring 69x65x162 cm and combining a stainless steel oven with completely extractable grill or an oven with dishwasher, saving space and creating a streamline appearance for your contemporary kitchen.
This Quadra Modular unit, LCFA-240 makes a strong statement of affluence and taste, complete with cooktop, oven, dishwasher, two basins and two completely extractable bins, including waste pipes and drains. ILVE modular kitchen appliances are available in several other combinations, each bringing the latest contemporary European style into your kitchen. ILVE S.p.A. Previously, ILVE professional cooking with Italian range cookers and kitchen range from Majestic series.