Neff warming drawers

These Neff warming drawers are a must have for the serious cook. Useful and versatile, the drawers keep your food warm, ready when it is needed, and also help defrosting delicate foods. Once you start using a Neff warming drawer, you will wonder how you ever did without one. Easily accessible on smooth telescopic runners, it keeps pre-cooked food warm for you if a guest is running late, or you are experimenting with different components of a meal together. As well as warming, use these drawers to defrost delicate foods, melt chocolate, make yogurt, and prove dough. Available in two sizes, the smaller Neff drawer is 14cm high and holds six international place settings. The large one, 29cm high can hold twelve international place settings. Easy to install and designed to co-ordinate with any single oven or compact appliance. 3 settings for food warming and defrosting. The heated ceramic glass base plate is easy to clean. Neff Appliances. Previously, American style fridge-freezer.