Wolf cooktops – new 30 and 36 inch induction cooktops

[KBIS 2008 Preview]
The new Wolf cooktops, the 30 and 36 inch induction cooktops come with a sleek stainless steel trim, offering style, safety and top notch performance for your contemporary kitchen – long awaited additions to the excellent 15″ Wolf cooktop. Both models come with Wolf traditional pan-sensing technology and lock mode for your family safety, as well as the new high power boost and countdown timer features. The 30 inch cooktop comes with four high-efficiency induction elements which heat cookware, not the glass, for a cooler, safer cooking surface, while delivering power and control – two 1,800W with 3,000W boost, and two 1,200W zones. The 36 inch cooktops deliver quite a punch with its five elements – one 3,000W with 4,000W boost, two 1,800W with 3,000W boost and two 1,200W zones.
The black ceramic glass surface of these Wolf cooktops is easy to clean and resistant to scratching, staining, impact and heat. Hi-Power mode boosts power on 1,800W elements by diverting power from adjacent element, and with True Simmer setting and Melt setting on two elements, the cooking flexibility and versatility is unmatched. Cookware sensing features doesn’t permit elements be energized without an induction-compatible pan on the cooktop surface. Temperature limiter ensures that safe operating temperature of ceramic glass is never exceeded. Other features include illuminated touch controls with graduated control lighting and adjustable sound frequency and volume, hot-surface indicator light in control panel and universal OFF to turn all elements off. Wolf cooktops.