Wolf oven – new Series E Wolf ovens

[KBIS 2008 Preview]
The Wolf oven Series E is the latest and entirely new line of high performance Wolf ovens offering a modern, refined look and adding another valuable option to your design arsenal. The new oven design permits two kinds of installation – a muscular fit with the oven door sticking out for about one inch from the adjacent cabinets, or for a sleek, European style inset installation, completely flushed with the cabinets. Just like a popular L Series Wolf oven, this one offers 10 different, touchpad controlled cooking modes. The ovens come in a 30″ single and double oven, with dual convection standard in the single oven and top oven of the double oven, and with framed and unframed door styles. E Series ovens are available in classic stainless steel. Trim kits for Wolf convection and standard microwaves, and stainless steel drawer fronts and handles for the Wolf warming drawer are available to match the look of the E Series oven.
The list of features for a single E Series Wolf oven includes dual convection logic control system, touch control panel with LCD display, cobalt blue porcelain oven interior, three removable racks with full-extension bottom rack and removable six-level rack guide, large viewing double-pane window, dual interior halogen lighting, hidden bake element and recessed broil, temperature probe and receptacle, self-clean, delayed start and Sabbath features. The E Series control panel also comes with three levels of light intensity, three oven timer chime tones, a 12- or 24-hour clock option and five language choices – English, French, Spanish, German and Italian. Balanced hinges assure smooth opening and closing of the door. 10 cooking modes are bake, roast, broil, convection bake, convection roast, convection broil, convection, bake stone, dehydrate and proof. Bake stone requires stone, rack and peel, and dehydrate needs dehydration racks and door stop – all sold as accessories. Other extras are set of three 30″ oven racks and two-piece broiler pan and temperature probe. Double Wolf oven adds 4 cooking modes in lower oven – bake, roast, broil and proof. Wolf Appliances.