Unusual Egg and Muffin toaster from Back to Basics

Quick and tasty breakfast sandwiches made in a snap with the Egg and Muffin toaster from Back to Basics.

This simple yet unique egg and muffin toaster can toast bread, English muffins, bagels or croissants at the same time it steam-poaches eggs and warms pre-cooked meats at the touch of a button.

The unique poaching tray for eggs and warming tray for meat combo can operate at the same time as the toast function for your favorite baked good.

In just four minutes all the ingredients are ready to be combined, to make your ideal breakfast sandwich.

When used with non-stick coating spray, the Egg poaching tray is simple to clean, while the toaster portion features a crumb tray for easy cleanup.

In addition to poached eggs, this unit can also boil up to 4 eggs at once in eight to ten minutes, or can be used to make steam-scrambled eggs or mini-omelets with cheese.

The Egg and Muffin Toaster fits easily on kitchen countertops measuring just H8.18” x W15.25’ x D7.20”.

Buy Egg and Muffin toaster at Hammacher Schlemmer for just $50.

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