Siemens Executive Edition long-slot toaster

This Executive Edition long-slot toaster from Siemens, TT60103 has an elegant and timeless design and excellent ease of use. Based on an innovative concept and having a fully-developed technology, the TT60103 long-slot toaster with integral bread-roll rack was conceived for those who prefer long slices of toast. An adjustable temperature switch selects the desired toasting level and an automatic centring device makes sure that each slice is evenly toasted. The high-lift function pushes the finished toast upwards ready to hand. The toaster shuts down if it flips over or the toast can not be extracted. Made of highly recyclable materials and with aesthetic appeal to improve the quality of life. Also available in white and stainless steel finishes. The price is € 35. Siemens. Previously, Siemens toaster by Porsche Design.

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