Viva Barista espresso coffee maker by Bremer

We really like the Viva Barista espresso coffee maker by Bremer, which is the part of Franke Coffee Systems. If you like espresso, you will really find the compact yet powerful Barista coffee maker fulfilling all your desires and beyond. The Viva Barista is fully automatic and brews a prefect cup with a touch of a button. Prepare three different quantities of espresso – single, double or triple, coffee with cream, brewed coffee and decaffeinated coffee. LCD display allows easy control, and you can choose from 99 products. Changed you mind, just push the button and this espresso coffee maker would cancel your choice. Perfect for a small party or a large wedding, you can get up to 270 espresso shots in hour. Overall dimensions are H69 x W36 x D56 cm or 27.17″ x 14.17″ x 22″. See also Saphira coffee machine.

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