Saphira coffee machine by Franke Coffee Systems

Originally intended for small businesses by Franke Coffee Systems, this Saphira coffee machine will fit right into your kitchen and add some nice blue color along with the excellent coffee. Designed and build in Switzerland that is famous for watches and knives, the Saphira will treat you with a strong authentic Italian espresso or a frothy cappuccino that you would find in those cozy Parisian cafes. Features include 2 high-precision grinders with direct grinding, individual grinder selection, coffee-bean level monitoring, controlled quantity of hot water output, steam dispenser for separate milk heating, operating panel with 5 product buttons, programming area with 2 additional product buttons, individual programming of the water, ground coffee and milk quantity for each product, 2 separate brewing temperatures, automatic rinsing, cleaning and descaling programme for coffee and milk unit, integrated cappuccinatore, and coffee and milk foam touch-button direct dispensing. Overall dimensions are W423 x H523 x D506 mm or just under 16.68″ x 20.63″ x 19.92″. Many options are available for customization. The base price is about $5,300. Franke Coffee Systems.

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