Francis Francis X7 espresso machine

The new Francis Francis X7 espresso machine has stylish polycarbonate body and is sure to delight any coffee enthusiast with its performance and looks. Designed by the esteemed Italian architect Lucca Trazzi, the Francis Francis X7 is must-have for coffee aficionados as well as gadget lovers. The espresso machine is equipped with 15 bar pump and exclusively uses the unique illy coffee iperEspresso method to create perfect, full-bodied espressos. The X7 allows you to adjust the coffee length, so whether your morning calls for a short ristretto or a taller lungo, it always will be the perfect size under the thick, long-lasting crema. This espresso machine is also perfect for creating cappuccinos, lattes and hot chocolate, thanks to its traditional steam wand.
The iperEspresso capsules employ a patented process ensuring that the coffee is mixed at precisely the right pressure to guarantee that each espresso you make is flawless. The iperEspresso method also means that coffee and Francis Francis X7 espresso machine never come directly into contact, guaranteeing easy cleaning, and the X7 automatic descaling program ensures that the maintenance of your machine is as easy as making your coffee.

Other Francis Francis X7 key technical features are
– one-touch brewing cycle
– easy to use handle for iperEspresso capsule
– illuminated central display and acoustic signals
– auto-stop feature to control cup volume
– brass boiler with automatic boiler refill
– 1 litre (40 ounce) removable water tank
The Francis Francis X7 espresso machine sells for £160 or for $395. Available in red or black from illy.

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