Jura Capresso espresso and coffee machines

Impressa S9 One Touch by Jura Capresso is one of the most versatile automatic coffee centers available for residential market today. Its unique One Touch technology lets you make cappuccino, café mocha, latte or latte macchiato with the simple touch of a button. You don’t even move the cup. Equipped with 18 bar power pump, S9 does everything – grinding, tamping and brewing in a matter of seconds. Choose from one or two cups at a time, ½ to 16 ounces. And since Jura incorporated two stainless steel-lined ThermoBlock heating systems and large, 96 ounce water tank capacity, you can also get any espresso based and frothed milk drinks with no down time. The Impressa S9 is completely programmable, including temperature, coffee volume and strength, and offers a separate coffee funnel for ground coffee and a hot water dispenser for Café Americano or tea. Comes with a commercial grade, sound insulated solid steel conical burr grinder that has 6 fineness settings, and a 10 ounce bean container. A large cup warming platform pre-warms your cups. 2-line Alpha/Graphic LED display with graphics bar to indicate progress of the brewing process. The Impressa S9 One Touch can be set to seven different languages, displays cup size and time in European and American formats, keeps track of all activities and can be set to turn on and off automatically. Automated cleaning programs, including integrated cappuccino rinsing and cleaning cycles. All settings and activities are permanently stored in its built-in memory system. Price is $2,400.
Jura Capresso ENA 5 has the unique rotating coffee spout, enabling you to dispense coffee into either one or two espresso glasses. It is equipped with two frothing systems, the automatic frothXpress and the traditional Dual Frother Plus. Also comes with a hot water dispenser for Café Americano or tea. Measuring just around 9″ wide, the espresso machine is the slimmest Auto Coffee Canter on the market, offering a full bean-to-brew capability. The ENA series features 18 bars of pressure and a professional grade stainless steel conical burr grinder with 5 fineness settings from light to dark roasts. Jura Capresso also equips ENA 5 with a Zero Energy Switch to fully disconnects the espresso machine from the electrical grid, drawing zero power. Its multi colored text display shows warning messages in Red, allows programming in Yellow and informs you in Green that ENA 5 is ready to brew coffee. This machine allows you to choose from two temperature settings, change the strength or the volume during operation, lets you select from three strength settings and will brew from ½ oz up to 16 oz. Available in ristretto black, blossom white or coffee cherry red for $1,200.

This is the very compact Impressa C9 One Touch automatic coffee center, similar in many ways to the full size S9 model. You can get all your favorite coffee drinks with the touch of a button. Jura Capresso also provides insulated 14 oz. thermal stainless steel milk container, so you can keep milk cold for up to eight hours right next to machine. The machine features Auto Cappuccino System that automatically siphons cold milk from the thermal milk container, combines it with hot steam and delivers hot, frothed milk into your Cappuccino cups. The fully programmable C9 allows you to set temperature, volume and strength for each button. Turn the dial of the system to the latte setting and it delivers hot steamed milk with very little or no froth for that delicious latte. Its rotary dial lets you override the strength and cup size during brewing without changing the programmed setting. Comes with 18-bar power pump, a commercial style conical burr grinder, a separate funnel for ground coffee and hot water, automatic cleaning cycles, bright LED display with a choice of seven languages and the unique CLEARYL water filtration system to purify water and eliminate the need for decalcification. Price is $1,800. Jura Capresso.
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