Fully automatic espresso machine – DeLonghi PrimaDonna S De Luxe

DeLonghi PrimaDonna S De Luxe is elegant fully automatic espresso machine that combines aesthetics, functionality and compact design. Delivering perfect coffee indulgence on smallest space, the Italian made PrimaDonna S De Luxe reinvents the premium fully automatic coffee machine, raising the bar with its clean geometrical lines, highly polished stainless steel and ability to prepare creamy cappuccino, Italian espresso and aromatic latte macchiato at the press of a button.

The compact PrimaDonna S De Luxe radiates style and exclusivity. Functionality and ease of use complete the performance of this fully automatic espresso machine. All controls are smartly positioned at the front. The casing and front of the compact coffee maker are completely made of stainless steel, and the anti fingerprint coating ensures a long lasting shine for the stainless steel casing.
Technical perfection, unequalled aesthetics and traditional Italian coffee art form this harmonious DeLonghi Primadonna coffee maker. The clearly laid out control panel, that was exclusively designed for the PrimaDonna S De Luxe, is slightly tilted for a better top view, and can be operated intuitively. At the press of a button, the tailored coffee practically prepares itself, thanks to the special Memo function. You can define the coffee length as well as the optimum drinking temperature and coffee strength.
DeLonghi PrimaDonna S De Luxe also features patented IFD system, designed to produce frothed or hot milk, and afterwards clean the frother with its automatic cleaning function. The vario control positioned at the milk jug of the DeLonghi espresso machine, lets you choose the consistence of the milk. Once finished, the milk jug can simply be taken off, and stored in the fridge. The coffee dispenser tap can be adjusted to a height of up to 14cm, this way accommodating every coffee cup size including tall latte macchiato glasses.
The brewing unit of this fully automatic espresso machine creates the rich, completed aroma and the delightful velvety crema that distinguish DeLonghi coffees. The brewing unit can be easily removed, and cleaned under a running tap. 13 different grinding settings and the aroma keeping lid of the coffee bean container also add to the perfectly balanced aroma. The integrated grinder has an exceptionally low noise level. Additionally, the PrimaDonna S De Luxe can of course also be operated with already ground coffee.
A programmable system that switches the coffee maker on and off as desired, allows for the right coffee at the right time, and helps saving energy. The new standby function allows switching off the PrimaDonna S De Luxe according to individual timing preferences. Price is around € 1,300. DeLonghi.

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