TURMIX Just Touch – the simplest automatic coffee machine

This is one simple coffee machine that lets you have all sorts of sophisticated coffee specialties with a light tap of a fingertip on its touch-sensitive control panel. The fully automatic TURMIX Just Touch does it all and is as easy to use as you could wish for. The user-friendly touch screen allows you to select your favorite coffee specialty as well as other options like cleaning, descaling, etc. It also has icons that remind you to refill water and replace the water filter.

TURMIX Just Touch makes seductively fragrant and very tasty coffee. The automatic coffee machine is available in two models – the classic TURMIX Just Touch and TURMIX Just Touch + Milk with the sophisticated yet simple system to supply fresh milk for your drinks.
The TURMIX Just Touch + Milk delivers that delicate and perfectly balanced flavor of Italian cappuccino or caffè latte, automatically producing about two-inch thick, fine-pored foamed milk, making this machine a must have for every real cappuccino lover. Even better, there is no milk container to clean, because the milk flows directly from its original packaging.
Other features include easily accessible and removable grounds container and infuser, and tightly sealed coffee container that keeps coffee beans fresh and flavorful. Price is around 600 CHF. TURMIX.

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