Handpresso Wild – the world smallest espresso

Handpresso of France in collaboration with Importika brings you what is likely the world smallest espresso maker. Handpresso Wild is a truly portable espresso machine that can follow you anywhere you want, allowing you to enjoy an outstanding cup of espresso whenever you want, indoors or outdoors, while saving energy by using hand power instead of electricity.
Made to work with E.S.E. or Easy Serve Espresso pods available from your favorite brands such as Illy or Lavazza, you can choose your own favorite blend to use with your Handpresso. All you have to do is pump the Handpresso to the 16 bar mark, activating patented high-pressure extraction system, and add hot water from a kettle or a thermo-insulated bottle. Then just place an E.S.E. pod in the filter, close the top and press the button to dispense the espresso.
Compact, lightweight and durable, the Handpresso can easily be stored in a drawer or in a bag. Perfect for boating and camping alike. The coordinating carrying case is made of Thermo-formed EVA, protecting your Handpresso and E.S.E pods no matter what adventures you may get in to. Pre-order Hadpresso Wild for only $150 USD. The carrying case is priced at $30.

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