la Pavoni espresso machine

If you are looking for the espresso machine that will make a bold statement, consider la Pavoni espresso machine – Cellini Push Switch Red Maranello. Founded in 1905 in Milan, la Pavoni grew from a small shop to one of the world best known espresso and coffee machine maker. Cellini brings innovative design and features. It is equipped with two gauges to indicate pump pressure and boiler temperature, and has active cup warmer to keep cups warm. Turbo steam nozzle to heat and froth milk. Can be used for heating other hot beverages. Interchangeable automatic Cappuccino system takes the milk directly from its container, delivering it perfectly frothed and heated into the cup. Easy to clean. la Pavoni espresso machine is available in USA model priced at €552 or $713, and Euro model priced at €454 or $586. la Pavoni.

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