La Pavoni Professional espresso cappuccino lever machines – Gold, rosewood handgrips

New for 2007, this Italian made La Pavoni Professional Gold espresso cappuccino lever machine is a combination of style, quality and reliability. A stunningly beautiful design of gold and rosewood makes a bold statement reminiscent of old-world coffee-shops. This La Pavoni machine is largely constructed of professional grade cast brass and is built to last. The solid brass boiler is gold plated and lacquer coated, and is large enough to ensure that lime scale deposits have minimal effect, meaning minimum maintenance is needed. By lifting the machine lever, a piston inside the group is raised, allowing water under pressure to infuse the coffee in the filter holder. The lever is then lowered, causing the piston to force the water through the coffee into the cup. So you can vary the speed at which the water passes through the coffee, ensuring this latter is made exactly according to your taste. The professional espresso machine is fitted with a steam jet interchangeable with the Automatic Cappuccino maker, for the preparation of cappuccino and hot drinks in general, and is equipped with a manometer to check the boiler pressure. The “Cappuccino Automatic” attachment ensures a perfect cappuccino every time. This device on the opening of a valve automatically sucks the milk from its container and brews it warm and perfectly frothed into the cup. With this La Pavoni professional lever machine, you can make 16 consecutive cups of the best espresso. Steam pressure piston operated. Two frothing systems included. Internal re-set fuse in case of overheating. The prices vary quite a bit so shop around. The lowest we have seen are $1,160 USD and €1090 for US and Euro models respectively. La Pavoni. Previously, La Pavoni espresso machine – Cellini Push Switch Red Maranello.


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