Miele countertop coffee system

The freestanding countertop Miele CM 6310 is the whole bean coffee system equipped with many sought after features, normally available in larger built-in coffee machines.

The Miele countertop coffee maker offers the ability to program 4 user profiles, so anyone in your household can store their own preferences when it comes to grind, cup size, temperature and prebrewing option.
In addition to espresso, regular coffee, cappuccino and latté macchiato that were available in the previous Miele coffee machine, the CM 6310 Miele countertop coffee system offers ristretto, a stronger version of espresso at the tip of a finger. Other familiar features include a stainless steel milk flask, button and cup lighting, cup heating and hot water for tea.
Miele AromaticSystem dynamic brew unit is proven in the field. It extracts the entire intensive flavour and last drop of aroma out of coffee beans. Other settings such as the pre-brew option, the fineness of grind, ground quantity and the temperature can be changed individually at all times. You cam manage the machine functionality in a high quality, razor sharp TFT display. Named DirectSensor, it has white characters on a black background, perfectly matching the control panels on Miele Generation 6000 ovens.
This Miele countertop coffee system makes maintenance simple. The milk lines and the Cappuccinatore are automatically rinsed when the machine is switched off. Simply separate the hose from the milk flask and insert the end into the drip tray. The hose is first rinsed with water and then flushed with steam. The brew unit can be removed and run under warm water for cleaning. The drip tray and the waste container are both dishwasher-safe. Price is $2,000. Miele.

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