Saeco espresso machine – the Incanto Sirius

The Incanto Sirius is the newest Saeco espresso machine. The Incanto is the first out of Saeco superautomatic espresso machines that has large touch screen interactive digital display, the first ever ceramic coffee grinder, and the new Aqua Prima water filter system. The machine is designed and crafted flawlessly in Italy, and its superautomatic espresso and coffee brewing will get you a perfect cup with the simple touch of a button. This is also the first Saeco espresso machine that uses stainless steel boiler, housing and cover. Specially designed conical burr grinder turns slowly not to burn coffee beans. Pre-infusion brew system cycle maximizes the coffee flavor. Overall dimensions are W11.75″ x H15.75″ x D15″. You can buy Saeco espresso machine for the price of $1,500.

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