The Classic Built-in Double Oven from Heartland

The Classic Built-in Double Oven offers the newest technologies in a wonderful retro styling. Heartland is part of the AGA Food-service Group, and the details of this new double oven reflect the history of their products. Behind the classic look though you’ll find a large (2.7 cubic foot) self-cleaning convection oven, an advanced 3000 watt broiling system, and a compact (1.5 cubic foot) lower oven. Double ovens are renowned for giving chefs versatility and convenience; while your main dish cooks in the top oven, the compact bottom oven is ideal for side dishes or desserts. Each is individually controlled by dials discreetly hidden behind a matching door, and all of this sits flush to you cabinets creating a seamless kitchen. Heartland are currently listing this product at $3,375 US or $3,808 Canadian.

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