Miele Sabbath mode oven

The new Miele Sabbath mode oven, Navitronic H4890BP2 is a multifunction oven from Miele MasterChef H4000 series ovens. The Sabbath mode allows up to 72 hours of pre-programmed cooking in this oven in accordance with specific Jewish guidelines. 17 operating modes include European convection system to create uniform temperatures on every level of the oven, AutoRoast specifically designed for poultry and roasts, Intensive Bake that combines conventional and convection cooking systems for intensive heat from several directions as a brick oven would and Residual Hear Cooking for an energy conservation to name a few. Other features are touch control pad, multi-lingual LCD display, metric-English conversion, automatic temperature settings, halogen interior lights and dual timers with delay start function. The self cleaning oven also has following options: 6 wire racks, 2 roasting pans, double rotisserie, roast probe, convection fan filter and enamel runners. So even if you don’t use Sabbath mode, this oven will cook just fine for you. The price is around $4,700. Miele.

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