Wall oven by Smeg

The sleek 60cm wide wall oven, SC115A is one of Smeg new, fluidly designed modern ovens from Linea Series. It has ‘A’ energy rating, stylish anti fingerprint graphite glass, digital electronic programmer with multi-display and backlit controls. This electric multifunction built-in wall oven offers 10 cooking modes, including Eco, upper and lower elements, grill, fan with upper and lower elements, fan with grill, fan with lower element, Circulaire, Circulaire with upper and lower elements, Snowflake and bread proving.
The Eco mode is basically a fast preheat function achieved by combining grill, fan and lower element for optimum energy efficiency. Circulaire marries fan and circular element around it, resulting in uniform heat distribution with no cold spots and no flavour transfer if you cook different foods simultaneously. It also cooks 10% quicker.

Other features of this Smeg wall oven are triple glazed removable door, removable inner door glasses, cooling fan, roasting/grill pan, grill mesh, 2 chrome shelves and stay clean liners. While requiring footprint of only 60cm by 60cm in your wall, the oven boasts 68 litre capacity, allowing you to cook larger meals, saving time and energy. Smeg also offers two other similar wall ovens, the SC115X in stainless steel and SC115 in silver glass.

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