De Dietrich multifunction oven with Intelligent Control System

The 58 litre ‘A’ Energy rated De Dietrich oven, the DOP795X is the multifunction single oven with a full colour control panel. 6 illuminated touch sensitive buttons, including 3 for choice and validation of programs, the others for timing and temperature, are situated beneath the glass on the oven fascia. Centred within is the 260,000 pixel interactive display, that adds an amazing visual impact and makes cooking even easier. Each program is fully illustrated, with surprising realism, and images relate to every cooking function available using each of the 5 cooking modes. This multifunction oven has 11 oven functions – Fan cooking, Combined cooking, Conventional, Conventional ECO, Turbo grill, Double grill, Single grill, Keep warm, Defrost, Memory and Pyroclean. An additional Baking bread option is there as well, reflecting growing European trend.
De Dietrich also incorporated Low Temperature Cooking as an alternative to conventional roasting, allowing you to create sumptuous and very flavourful dishes. Featuring 8 pre-selected menus, from pink or well cooked lamb, rare or well cooked beef to fish and milk puddings, the multifunction oven cooks at a constant temperature of less than 100°C and automatically sets the duration to provide the best results.
De Dietrich exclusive Intelligent Control System lets you cook like a pro. Simply select the desired image, e.g. chicken, beef or pizza from the 12 most commonly cooked dishes, and the oven will set all the parameters. Using sensors, it assesses the weight and density of the food, automatically suggests the correct shelf, function and temperature and continually monitors the dish as it cooks, changing any settings if required. Another option is to use integrated cooking guide which contains 44 pre-programmed cooking options. Just choose which dish you want and enter the weight of the food using the Interactive Display. The oven automatically determines the most suitable cooking method, temperature, and cooking time.

Other key features are easy-to-clean anti-splash enamel cavity with a highly resistant non-stick surface that can withstand temperatures of up to 500°C, digital temperature controls for precise operation, electronic clock and programmable oven timer, compensated hinges which allow for smooth opening and closing of the oven and let you leave the door half open, 4-pane cool-touch, easily removable glass door, fan auto stop, auto safety shut off, extendable sliding shelves, Eolyse air purification system and interior halogen light.
With Pyrolytic cleaning, the De Dietrich oven heats up to 500°C, reducing all cooking residue to a fine ash, which then needs just a quick wipe with a damp cloth to bring the interior of the oven back to showroom standard. Price is £950.

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