Severin Mini kitchen oven

You can cook a nice meal for breakfast, lunch and dinner with the Severin Mini kitchen oven. Finished in silver with enamelled top and heat resistant painted housing, the oven has 26 liter capacity and comes with 5-stage switch – OFF, Top Heat, Bottom Heat, Top and Bottom Heat and Hotplates. The maximum power is 2500 W. Variable thermostat controls temperature in a 100° – 250°C range. This Severin mini kitchen also comes with enamelled baking tray, grill rack, detachable crumb tray and adjustable shelf. On the top there are two hotplates, one measuring 155 mm in diameter with 1000 W of power and the second measuring 185 mm with 1500 W. Stageless temperature control with pilot lights. The price is € 120.

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