30 inch built-in refrigerator from Liebherr – bottom mount 30″ refrigerator-freezer

The Liebherr 30 inch built-in refrigerator, C1650 is the built-in bottom mount 30″ refrigerator-freezer with stainless steel or custom finished doors and transferable door hinges, so it can be easily integrated into any kitchen layout and match almost any decor. With the satin finish shelves and door racks, opening this Premium NoFrost 30 inch refrigerator-freezer is an experience in itself. High quality stainless steel trims enhance the harmonious interior of the refrigerator. The extra deep, removable transparent drawers give you a clear view of the contents and offer extra convenient storage. The slim refrigerator has enough capacity for a family with 11.3 cu. ft in refrigerator and 4.1 cu. ft in freezer. This 30″ bottom mount refrigerator also comes with the Dual Refrigeration System which facilitates optimal conditions in both the refrigerator and freezer. The separate silent compressors ensure accurate temperature and humidity control. Ice cold dry air circulates in the freezer section, while the refrigerator maintains cool moist air, thus sealing in vitamins and safeguarding food. This technology also preserves the flavour and texture of foods since there is no transfer of unwanted air, moisture or food aroma between the two compartments, giving advanced food protection.
30-inch-liebherr-c1650-controls.JPG The elegant and precise electronic MagicEye controls keep the temperature reliably at the selected levels. Function keys are easy to follow and make the appliance simple to use. Automatic SuperCool function is perfect when large quantities of fresh food need to be cooled extremely fast, while SuperFrost ensures that the vitamins in food are optimally preserved when frozen. The Energy Start compliant refrigerator freezer automatically switches back to normal operation as soon as the food is completely frozen. The Liebherr safety package with its audible alarm and frost control display provides excellent protection for your valuable frozen food. The temperature is digitally displayed in Fahrenheit and can easily be changed to Celsius, if necessary. Other features of this 30″ fridge-freezer include the elegant GlassLine fittings for a Gallon Holder arrangement, so you can keep a large supply of milk or juice on hand, and IceMaker to provide you with crystal clear ice cubes. The freezer FrostSafe-System keeps food frozen with cooled, continually circulating air in extra-deep, completely enclosed drawers. All frozen delicacies – from duck to herbs, to deep frozen pizza can be conveniently stored. Transparent drawers, which can be moved easily and safely with strong, integral handles, ensure that you can always see all the frozen food. The Liebherr new VarioSpace system allows you to remove a drawer and the shelf under it to create extra storage space. Finally, for all environment concerned out there, this eco friendly refrigerator is considered green appliance. The price is $4,800 USD. Liebherr North America. Previously, Liebherr refrigerator combo and wine storage cabinet.

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