Stainless steel toaster oven – Breville Smart oven

This capable Breville Smart oven comes with innovative Element IQ which suggests the ideal temperature and time for every of its 9 preset menu functions. The stainless steel toaster oven also lets you control the cooking power for perfect results no matter what you are preparing. Equipped with 5 powerful quartz elements that evenly distribute 1.8 kW of heat, the toaster oven allows you to broil, bake and toasts. Its broil function activates top 3 heating elements to melt and brown. Toast function activates top 2 and bottom 2 heating elements to seal and crisp. And bake function employs top 2 and bottom 2 heating elements with the convection fan to ensure the food is thoroughly cooked.

The stainless steel blends nicely with blue backlit LCD screen giving this toaster oven an attractive appearance. Its sturdy top doubles as a warming tray while rack conveniently auto-ejects halfway when you open the oven door. Other features and accessories include intuitive dial controls, memory function to store settings, retractable crumb tray, nonstick pizza pan, baking pan and baking rack. This Breville stainless steel toaster oven is seen in stores for $250. Previously, stainless steel convection oven.

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