European domino cooktops from Oranier

These European domino cooktops are designed in Germany with the typical precision and great engineering thinking. Oranier makes several domino cooktops and these three represent some of the best, available to European chefs today. The TY 2740 and GFC 2731 domino gas cook tops have a frameless design with a front facet. They have a massive, hard-chromium-plated grill plate with ceramic glass frame. The domino gas cook tops can be combined with all frameless cook tops. Glass ceramic surfaces are very easy to clean.
Domino Gas Kochfeld, Wok GFC 2731
The GFC 2731 cook top integrates a very powerful wok burner. This design makes the cook tops particularly suitable for low-fat barbecuing, roasting and cooking according to ancient Japanese tradition. Also available as two-burner model, GFC 2732.

Domino Gas-Unter-Glas, GFP 2730
The Oranier GFP 2730 gas-under-glass cook top allows gas cooking without open flame. European chefs can enjoy an excellent cooking performance and safety features like control lights indicating operating conditions and thermal overload protection of the cook surface.

Teppan Yaki, TY 2740
This Teppan Yaki features two separately adjustable grill zones, operational status indicator and is scratch-proof.
The intensive heat provided by the uniform steel cooking surface, makes food preparation fast and healthy. Enjoy authentic Japanese Teppan style cooking with Oranier GFP 2730. Oranier.

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