Small 4-burner European gas hobs by ILVE

Despite the growing popularity of induction technology, gas cooktops remain quite popular as consumers often prefer power and flexibility only a gas cooktop can provide. The traditional 4-burner cooktop, H 360 C is designed with all attributes of European gas hobs, offering one powerful quad ring wok super burner, a simmer, a medium and a high speed burner. Precision burner controls with single handed electronic ignition deliver excellent cooking results, and with single piece sealed hob and deep cooktop pressing designed to retain spillages, cleaning is a breeze. Removable knobs, cast iron trivets and burner caps. The 60cm gas cooktop comes in stainless steel, antique white or matt black. Price is around $900 AUD.
The 90cm wide H 90 CCVX is one of the ILVE premier gas cooktops with dual quad all purpose super wok burners and 3 burners, each with different heat outputs. One touch auto ignition puts you firmly in control, allowing you to cook your favourite dishes quickly and easily. Infinite turn down control with low simmer on each burner further expands possibilities while flame failure device on all 5 gas burners provides peace of mind. Front mounted controls, cast iron matt black trivets and burner caps, single piece sealed hob for easy cleaning, stainless steel finish. Price is around € 1,050 in Europe, $2,400 AUD in Australia.
Gas cooktops from ILVE Nostalgie line, like this H 70 CNVX, are some of the best looking traditionally styled cooktops on the market. Beautifully styled controls with one touch auto ignition, quad all purpose super wok burner with 4.3 kW output, 2 medium 2.6 kW and 2 regular 1.8 kW gas burners – all with infinite turn down control for low simmering, convenient front mounted control panel, cast iron matt black trivets. Available in stainless steel, anthracite, blue, burgundy red, green or copper. Price for this 70cm wide cooktop is about € 730. ILVE. Previously, gas cooktops from Franke Crystal Collection.

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