Fisher & Paykel 36″ flush gas on steel cooktop

The new 36″ Flush Gas on Steel Cooktop from Fisher & Paykel offers a seamless design for the integrated kitchen, with 5 burners sitting below the countertop for a smooth line. This cooktop is subtle, unobtrusive and designed to match the family of Fisher & Paykel kitchen appliances. The power levels are for cooking everything from a slow simmer for sauces, to an intense heat for steaks and stir-fries.

The 5 burners are designed to provide the utmost cooking flexibility and include
– 3,800 BTU auxiliary burner
– 8,500 BTU semi-rapid burner
– 8,500 BTU semi-rapid burner
– 9,500 BTU rapid burner
– 18,500 BTU dual wok burner
The brushed stainless steel offers a modernist aesthetic with design for durability, matching the rest of our family of kitchen appliances. And by turning the dials for the auto-ignition system, the flame ignites quickly and safely. Fisher & Paykel Innovalve technology allows you to adjust the flame with 180 degree gas valve rotation compared with 70 degree in most gas cooktops for accurate temperature control.
The control knobs glow red when on, and white when off, showing at a distance which burners are lit. The auto-reignition system means you don’t have to hold down a dial while burners ignite and if a burner goes out, it is automatically relit at the original flame setting.
The Fisher & Paykel 36″ flush gas on steel cooktops are designed as a single piece of laser cut stainless steel with quick component removal for easy cleaning. Durable and easy to clean, cast iron trivets provide a safe and stable cooking surface. Rubber feet prevent the trivets scratching the cooktop. Available in the United States and Canada in January 2015. Fisher & Paykel.

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