Gaggenau 36″ induction cooktop

These 36″ wide induction cooktops are designed to accommodate large cookware. The Gaggenau CI 491 comes with a stainless steel frame and contains 5 flexible cooking zones, with the largest zone in the center, enabling the faster preparation of a diverse range of dishes with minimal energy output. The induction zones include
– right rear 1.4 kW, with booster up to 1.8 kW
– right front 2.2 kW with booster up to 3.3 kW
– left front and left rear 1.8 kW, each with booster up to 2.5 kW
– double center 1.8 kW with booster up to 2.5 kW, can be automatically switch to 3.6 kW with super booster up to 4.4 kW.

Gaggenau equipped this induction cooktop with a maneuverable magnetic Twist-Pad control knob to operate the cooking zones and set temperature. Can be easily removed for cleaning. Electronic power control allows you to select from 17 output levels, while Memory Cooking lets you input the cooking parameters for dishes that you prepare most often, for each induction zone, and call up the information at any time. Memory Function protects all settings and timer values for a few seconds after the cooktop is switched off, so that if the appliance is switched off unintentionally, all previously entered values are restored. Other key features of these induction cooktops include auto cooking timer, Quick Boil function, pan detection, child lock, safety lock, individual residual heat indication and automatic cooking time up to 99 minutes simultaneously on all cooking zones. Price for this Gaggenau 36″ induction cooktop is $4,500.
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