Gorenje XtremePower induction hobs

The new XtremePower NoLimits and XtremePower XpandZone induction hobs with power boost from Gorenje offer more space, easier handling of cookware, and improved cooking performance and control. The smart layout of the induction zone and large hob surface let you use several pots and pans simultaneously. Gorenje XtremePower induction hobs come in 60cm, 77cm, 90cm, and 110cm widths.

Advanced XtremePower NoLimits and XpandZone induction hobs deliver a power boost even when several cooking zones are used simultaneously at full power – due to Gorenje innovative high-performance technology, which provides up to 20% faster cooking compared to conventional induction hobs.
XtremePower XpandZone induction hob offers maximum flexibility and versatility, allowing you to cook with any number, size or shape of dishes – from very small, one-coffee pots to big, oval, even fish-size cooking pots. You can also expand two vertically adjacent coking zones into one larger zone for simple and fast one-touch control.
XtremePower NoLimits induction hob offers unlimited cooking area, so you can place whatever dish you like wherever in the cooking area you want it – as long as it touches at least one of the marked spots. Really, this is the only limitation besides your imagination. In addition, Gorenje XtremePower NoLimits induction hobs offer the unique advanced MultiSlider touch control for accurate and convenient control of the cooking zones, similar to the controls on Siemens touchSlider induction cooktops. Each cooking zone has its own module and a slider touch-controlled program timer, while modern easy-to-understand symbols enhance the clarity of controls. Temperature is set and controlled simply by sliding a finger across the control slider surface, discreetly integrated into the black background. Gorenje.

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