Teka cooktop review

Teka cooktops come in all shapes and sizes, different finishes, trims and styles. This cooktop review touches gas, electric and induction hobs, but with only two examples for each type, be sure to visit Teka website to see them all. The availability varies depending on the region, so not every cooktop in this short review is readily available to you. And if you live in United States or Canada, and really want one, the closest place would be Mexico.
Teka gas cooktops are pleasure to review. These two hobs illustrate beautiful design and finish offering power and performance as well as bringing completely different look to your kitchen. Above is the smooth 4-burner gas-on-glass hob with black frontal knobs, individual cast iron grids and 3.5 kW triple ring burner. Available with LPG or natural gas, this cooktop has bevelled tempered glass, crystal surface with ceramic treatment, and integrated auto-ignition and auto-lock safety devices for each burner. Other 3 burners are 3.0 kW fast, 1.75 kW semi-fast and 1.0 kW auxiliary.
Gas cooktop below shows that your typical square or rectangular 4-burner cooktop can look modern and very stylish. Only by Teka Portugal division, the hob has embedded controls, 3.0 kW rapid burner, 2 semi-rapid 1.75 kW burners and 1.0 kW auxiliary burner. Electronic ignition, safety gas cutoff and stainless steel trim add to the impressive feature list, making the hob the center piece of your kitchen.
The first Teka electric cooktop in this review is triple-element vitroceramic, bevelled glass hob with touch control panel, Stop and Go function, residual heat indicators, acoustic sensor and security blocking feature, and clock with alarm. You can program cooking times up to 99 minutes. The high performance triple element and two electric double elements give you up to 6.6 kW in total power. This is one of the most popular and readily available configurations.

The 60cm wide 4-element electric hob comes with timer, minute minder, Keep Warm, Stop and Go functions, child safety lock, auto shutoff and residual heat indicator. Total power output of 7.2 kW includes front-left triple cooking element, right-front dual, left-rear single and versatile rectangular rear-right roaster element.
No cooktop review can happen today without mentioning induction hobs, and Teka offers many configurations and designs. Above is the 3-zone induction hob with faceted glass surface with diamond effect, touch controls with acoustic sensors, safety lock, Keep Warm function, timer and residual heat indicators. Three induction zones with 1.8 kW, 2.3 kW and 3.2 kW provide plenty of power in compact modern design. Available in Spain.
Below is the 4-zone induction cooktop with unique shape and 7.4 kW power output. 4-way timer with minute minder, Keep Warm, Stop and Go, locking controls, safety lock, safety shutdown and residual heat indicator. Teka. Previously, induction cooktop reviews and Teka hobs.

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