Capri modular cooking systems by J. Corradi

If these professional ovens by J. Corradi look a bit too nostalgic for you, as does this vintage fridge, we certainly hope the company contemporary Capri line of modular cooking systems is more to your liking. Designed to create a focal point in your house for the most unforgettable moments either indoors or outdoors, these versatile modular cooktops bring a restaurant quality cooker in your home or in your garden. You built the cooking system to your preference, you pay and get it delivered. Later, this open system can be further modified at will, long after the purchase.
The product range of Capri consists of four 100, 140, 200 and 260 cm wide modules. All the structure is in solid oak, treated by an essential citrus oil to give the wood a special brightness and add a light, pleasant aroma around.
Capri 100
Capri 140
Capri 200
Capri 260

Build your modular cooking system with the wide selection of cooking components including gas cooking modules, fryers, pasta cookers, even an electric steam oven.

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