V-ZUG Comfort Cooking induction hob

Making your lives easier, the 77 cm wide V-ZUG GK46TIAKS Comfort Cooking induction hob features fully automatic functions for cooking rice, for boil and simmer, and for general cooking temperatures.

You will also get preset temperatures for boiling and frying, so no longer will you stand over your induction hob, trying to figure out the right cooking parameters, watch the food like a hawk and worry about overcooking. Simply pick the program you want, prepare the food, then put it on the hob and walk away. The V-ZUG GK46TIAKS Comfort Cooking induction hob will do the rest. Also see V-ZUG MaxiFlex induction hob.
This 4-zone hob also comes with RiceControl function, where an acoustic signal informs you when the rice is ready to serve. The function serves the best when you cook various types of rice that do not need to be stirred. The other 2 control features are TemperatureControl and CookingControl.
The former is best suited for cooking several portions of omelet, meatballs similar dishes – the hob stores the ideal temperature and calls it up again in an instant for every new portion, so you prepare evenly browned and perfectly cooked portions.
The latter informs you when is the best time to add the food, using an acoustic signal to indicate when the food should be put in the pan – perfect for frequently prepared side dishes like pasta, vegetables or boiled potatoes.
Other key elements include Powerplus, slider controls, timer, automatic shut-off, automatic warm-up function, Pause button, cleaning lock, Restore function. V-ZUG Comfort Cooking induction hob. The GK46TIAKS is available flush fit, as a faceted glass or stainless steel edge profile. Seen in stores for around 2,100 CHF. V-ZUG. Previously, V-ZUG induction cooktops.

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