V-ZUG induction cooktops

The versatile induction cooktops by V-ZUG come with child locks, slider controls, 4 induction cooking zones and automatic frying zones, suitable for large frying pans that are too big for a normal, round cooking zone. The V-ZUG GK45TEBS and GK46TIABS also feature automatic warm-up function which enables one cooking zone to operate at full power for a set period after being switched on. The cooking zone then automatically returns to the power level you selected.

In addition, the induction cooktops are equipped with a timing device which allows you to monitor the cooking zones. It automatically shuts off the cooking zone after a certain operating time, depending on the power level set. Other highlights include Pause Button which lets you temporarily switch all the cooking zones to power level 1 for up to 10 minutes, Cleaning Lock which prevents accidental change of the power level when you are wiping the control panel and Restore Function which restores the settings in just 6 seconds in case of accidental switch off.
The GK46TIABS induction cooktop also features the Warming Level function that keeps cooked food warm at around 65°C and Powerplus that makes the selected cooking zone work with an extra high power level for 10 minutes, returning afterwards automatically to power level 9. V-ZUG.
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