Bal 150 and Formline filterless hoods by Berbel

Winner of 2011 product design red dot award, the Bal 150 is an external exhaust that automatically opens when it is switched on, and the extracted air is sucked to the outside below the sloping front panel. The kitchen noise level is practically at zero. When closed, the exhaust is reliably soundproof and thermally insulated. The minimalist looking housing of the weatherproof fan is made of stainless steel. The front glass cover comes in different colours to match the walls. Designed by Stefan Ambrozus and Max Neumeyer.

The more conventional Formline also won red dot award, product design 2011. This filterless exhaust hood permits free movement of the head and works on the Berbel patented principle of the centrifuge. The kitchen air is accelerated and silently sucked away. The hood comes with EcoSwitch control to enable you switch between an exhaust air function in summer and an air circulation function in winter. The distinctive design is by Stefan Ambrozus and Max Neumeyer. Berbel. Previously, Berbel Skyline ceiling lift hood.

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