Miele Futura Series – the world most intelligent dishwashers

Driven by advanced German technology and inspired by the lives and needs of today homeowners, Futura dishwasher brings easy adaptability, intuitive technology and legendary Miele quality into the kitchen. These high performance and exceptionally quiet dishwashers marry state-of-the-art sensor wash technology that measures load capacity and water quality with patented baskets that allow total flexibility, regardless if you are loading heirloom crystal and china or oversized platters. Multiple features and benefits prove the Miele Futura Series superiority. Supporting its claim are three strong tenets – Simply Smarter, Inner Brilliance and Designed for Life. The Miele Futura Series is designed for a life well lived. When it comes to design, engineering and innovation, the Futura exceeds expectations and is poised to revolutionize the industry.

Simply Smarter
Innovative without being complicated, the Miele Futura is designed to seamlessly integrate into the lives of homeowners today. The key feature for such convenience is the newly patented 3D Cutlery Tray which puts the Futura Series light years ahead of the industry by allowing you to adjust the tray according to height, width and depth of kitchen tools. Large ladles, whisks and spatulas now fit effortlessly within the dishwasher and are brought to a perfect shine by Miele signature three, full-size spray arms.
The patented Miele 3D Cutlery Tray and the FlexiCare basket system ensure the safe and secure positioning of stemware in the middle and lower basket. The new Futura Series FlexiCare baskets are complete with removable inserts, right and left fixed and foldable spikes, single section cup ranks, height adjustable glass holders, bottle holders, foldable glassware rails and stainless steel GlideGuard extension rails that allow the baskets to easily glide out and in. So whether it is a baby bottle, extra large cups, cutting board, serving platter or Riedel wine glass, the FlexiCare basket system adapts to the homeowners lifestyle and enables them enjoy gentle and thorough cleaning.
Futura has Inner Brilliance
Inside and out, the Miele Futura Series is simply brilliant and epitomizes intelligent design and precise engineering. The inner brilliance of Miele shines through in proprietary technologies, sensors and integrated systems, ensuring a confidence of spotless cleaning every time. Futura features two LED lights located in the upper door frame and two others strategically placed in the lower back section inside the dishwasher that fills the cavity with brilliant light allowing you to clearly see if there is available capacity for additional items to load. The LED lights have a maximum life of 20 years and Miele is the only manufacturer in the world to offer four.
Futura automatically adjusts water temperature, monitor room temperatures, drying times, rinse aid and so much more, to save not only time, but also water and energy. All Futura dishwashers are Energy Star qualified. Matter of fact, Miele exceeds 2012 Energy Star requirements by 25% for water consumption as the new Futura Series is 35% most efficient than previous generations with brilliant wash performance, guaranteed.
Depending on the model selected, Futura dishwashers have 6 to 16 programs to manage washing virtually anything from crystal and china to pots and pans. Intuitive program selection and easy to use controls make selecting the right program and optional modes incredibly easy. To ensure prefect results, signature Miele electronics and AutoSensor technology constantly monitor the process so when the cycle is complete only perfectly cleaned dishes, glassware and pots remain.
Miele proprietary technology and inner brilliance shines with its unique Perfect GlassCare system, yet another reason why Riedel Crystal exclusively recommends Miele dishwashers when it comes to caring for its glassware. By mixing softened and tap water, the optimal mineral content is achieved and gentle, yet thorough cleaning is guaranteed.
For homeowners in need of an extra powerful cleaning option, Futura brings a new Intensive program. Perfect for cleaning large and heavily soiled items. Offering added flexibility, the consumer can select powerful cleaning in the lower basket, while still maintaining gentle cleaning levels in the middle basket.
Such power and intense cleaning comes with a reduction in cycle time with the Turbo option. When selecting Turbo, water pressure is increased along with temperature for faster cleaning results. While this is not available within the China & Crystal program to protect the contents, the Turbo option reduces cycle times by 30%.
For Miele, it is not enough to simply clean everything perfectly. The same standards and quest for Immer Besser, or Forever Better, applies to drying as well. With the new AutoOpen feature – a Miele exclusive feature – excellent drying results are ensured every time, even on plastics. The AutoOpen feature activates at during the drying process by automatically opening the dishwasher door just slightly in order to allow the hot and humid internal air to escape and mix ambient room temperature air to penetrate and circulate within the cavity. In addition to drying performance, the glasses and dishes cool down faster, allowing safe unloading which is even more convenient for the consumer.
Designed for Life
Regardless of lifestyle, we often seek value and longevity when it comes to our major purchases. The superior functionality and built-in durability of Futura dishwashers are the hallmarks of smart design and indispensable solutions to real-world, everyday life situations. The Futura Series, like all other Miele dishwashers, is designed and produced exclusively in Germany, where the company was founded in 1899. For decades, Miele has consistently pursued and achieved excellence in its precision production which is a unique blend consisting of robotic and human hand. Vertically integrated, the majority of all components are designed and made by Miele in Germany including the signature and proprietary electronics, ensuring quality composition down to the very last microchip.
Additionally, to ensure quality, Miele rigorously tests each and every one of its dishwashers. Rather than selecting one out of every several hundred to quality test, every single Miele dishwasher is connected to a water and electrical supply and run through a quality cycle to ensure reliability and superior performance after installation in your home.
To further Miele reliability promise over the operational life of the appliance, select Futura Series dishwashers are RemoteVision enabled. RemoteVision proactively monitors appliances 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and reports any user faults or potential service problems to Miele’s service center. A fault code will either trigger an automated email with a corrective strategy or analysis by a Miele technician who, if need be, will schedule a service appointment. Miele is the first appliance producer in the world to offer this revolutionary service, saving consumers the inconvenience of a service call and reducing downtime with their appliance.
Tested to last 20 years, Futura Series dishwashers range from $1,250 to $2,850, depending on the model selected and are available nationwide through authorized Miele dealers and direct sellers only.

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