Bosch hoods – wall mounted decorative hoods

This 90 cm wide wall-mounted chimney hood in stainless steel, DKE 975 C was designed in an elegant and optically cohesive manner. As with other Bosch hoods, attention to detail and craftsmanship is obvious and design is well thought and executed throughout. The ergonomic hood has angled screen to give you the head space and provides a high degree of functionality. Cooking fumes are effectively drawn off by edge extraction in 4 different power stages. Environmentally friendly metal grease filters can be easily washed in the dishwasher. 3 halogen lamps 20 watts each provide ample illumination of the working area. Maximum extraction rate is 790 m³/h with noise limited under 65 dB. Bosch offers these hoods for approximately € 850.
This 120 cm wide wall-mounted Bosch range hood, DKE 245 G comes in stainless steel with eye-catching optics and low-noise functionality. The double fan motor runs quietly even at the highest level, and thanks to efficient sound absorption, the noise doesn’t exceed 69 dB. Aside from 3 blower power stages, these Bosch hoods also feature an intensive level which quickly and effectively removes pungent cooking fumes. 4 bright 20 watt halogen lamps provide ideal illumination of the entire working area. Maximum extraction rate is 800 m³/h. Environmentally friendly dishwasher safe metal grease filters are easily refitted after cleaning. Price is € 585.

The last of the Bosch hoods reviewed here is the stepped chimney hood that stands out with its sleek design and professional technology. Cooking fumes and odours are effectively drawn off by this faceted hood in stainless steel. The range hood is operated via the SlimControl panel, and the exact settings are shown in the LED segment display. Push buttons operate the extractor and set the blower power and after-running function for a complete elimination of lingering steam, fumes and odours. The motor with optimised performance and low-noise properties runs silently even at the highest level. 2 halogen lights 20 watt each, top 740 m³/h extraction rate, 65 dB maximum noise level. Price is around € 800. Bosch Appliances.

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