Kitchen hoods from Metallo Arts – the art of steel

Kitchen hoods from Metallo Arts is the beautiful combination of artistic imagination and skillful craftsmanship. We covered quite extensively their metal range hoods and if you think that we are biased, understand that the hoods for Diva de Provence are built by Metallo as well, so apparently we are not the only ones.
Above is a Jackson Pollock-inspired range hood based on the Metallo Arts Botticelli frame. Check the video showing company hands on CEO Christopher Plummer painting this hood. And if you are interested in metal artwork beyond kitchen hoods, visit Christopher at Interzone Fine Arts.
Back to the hoods, this opulent and expensive yet quite tasteful Lautrec was created for someone who wanted an ‘over the top’ kitchen hood. The 48″ tall, 54″ wide hood was finished with gold lace trim and a black and gold sofa, then clear coated to be as shiny and reflective as 200 lbs of steel can possibly be.
If you like the design but will settle for more traditional kitchen range hood, here is the contemporary bronze Lautrec styled hood.

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