Bulthaup kitchen island extractor hood

Gorgeous design, expert manufacturing and powerful function come together in the Technic Extractor Hoods from Bulthaup. Featuring a flexible channel system with its ventilation system, these Bulthaup Extractor Hoods feature coordinated concepts for any ceiling height, any wall, any size of hob or any other special requirement. The powerful bi-directional fan and the high performance yet quiet motor are combined with the streamlined and easy to clean surfaces to create units with superior function and aesthetics. Available in five different versions and a variety of sizes, these extractor hoods are ecologically designed, featuring charcoal-based odor filters that can be repeatedly dishwasher washed. These hoods feature either the sophisticated air extraction duct technology, in which the air is fed to the outside via an exhaust duct or an ultra-efficient recirculated air technology. Powerful and sophisticated – Extractor Hoods now available from Bulthaup.

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