Vent hoods by Zephyr – Elica OM glass hood – a remote controlled hood!

Elica OM vent hoods is a new collection of decorative glass hoods. The nontraditional design takes less space while proving all functionality of vent hoods. This Elica adds an interesting and modern twist to your kitchen decor. Four-speed electronic touch screen controls are placed right on the glass. 80 cm or 31.5″ wide. Airflow is 450 cubic meters per hour. Available in black, red or white. Elica also adds remote control designed by world-famous designer David Lewis. Only 3 inches tall, this control is such a unique piece of equipment, you can’t help but share it with whoever visits your kitchen. Zephyr’s remote control does not feature buttons, keys, or switches – this sleek cone exemplifies simplicity and sophistication of functionality. Place the remote control on a flat surface – clockwise rotation increases fan speed, counterclockwise rotation decreases the speed. To control the lighting of the vent-hood, simply tap down on the remote control. Works on a radio frequency transmission system. Eliminates the need to reach over a hot cook-top to access the controls on the vent-hood. Works up to 30 feet away from the vent-hood. Works with numerous vent-hood models in the Elica Collection by Zephyr line, including Bogart, Concave, Futura, Menhir, Om, Samurai, and Slope. If you are tired of standard stainless steel look, then buy the Elica with unique remote for a price starting from $3,990.

Zephyr Remote Control

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